Saturday, May 5, 2012

Recipes I'm Trying This Week

I LOVE using my Foodie Ideas board on Pinterest to find new and exciting recipes to try for the week. The type of food I'm cooking is totally dependent upon what kind of schedule I have for the week. If I know that I'm going to be working later (like I was last week driving over an hour into SC) then I go for things that can be done in the crock pot. Another option of course is to cook enough on the days when I have time so there are leftovers. My boyfriend is all about the leftovers, so this goes over well. He is also lactose intolerant, so when I make recipes they are done with dairy free substitutes. Sometimes it's an easy swap like lactose free milk. Other times I have to make a trip to a store I don't normally shop at for goat's milk mozzarella (I get it at Harris Teeter here) or vegan cream cheese (also at Harris Teeter or Trader Joe's).

Here are a few of the recipes I want to try this week. The pictures are all property of their respective blogs which I have linked to. You can find the recipes in each picture caption...

I've been seeing these really delicious looking baked cheese balls from the blog Never trust a skinny cook on Pinterest everytime I search for cheese (don't judge me, haha). I am a major lover of cheese and since my boyfriend is out of town this weekend I can make this recipe with no modifications.  
I have never met an artichoke dish I didn't like so of course I pinned a chicken dish that included an artichoke topping on it from the Sugar Laws website. These artichoke crusted chicken breast look moist, delicious, and who doesn't love a creamy topping?!? 
We eat Mexican food a lot in this house. I love flavors of the Southwest from growing up in Southern California and then living in El Paso, Texas. There's almost always some sort of shredded chicken made with salsa or taco seasoning in my fridge, so running across Healthy Delicious baked chicken flautas is a no brainer for something to try! 
I know for sure that my shopping trip today will include a couple of packs of chicken, so going for a chicken cordon bleu recipe from The Girl Who Are Everything was a no brainer. I just picked up some ham lunch meat on sale so I'm good to go on this one. 
When I'm going grocery shopping I roughly plan recipes I want to try like this. I check my different resources and pick out a few. As you can tell there's not really enough recipes to eat for the whole week here and that's because I'm not quite sure what meat besides chicken will look good or be a good enough price to have. This flexibility also means I can always double up a recipe for leftovers or just pull some of my pre-marinated meat out of the freezer. Stay tuned throughout the week to see how I make each of these meals my own!

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