Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crab Wontons

Tonight is Asian night here, so I decided to make my favorite appetizer crab wontons. These are much easier to make than you would expect. I try to eat semi-healthy, so instead of deep frying them I bake them. They have a satisfying crunch to them still, but there's much less fat to them. And please, use the real crab. You can get some pretty cheap canned crab from the same aisle your tuna is on. It taste much better than the imitation crab! Don't worry about the filling oozing out of my wontons in the final picture. Remember, I cook using lactose substitutes and vegan cream cheese isn't the same texture as "real" cream cheese when it's heated. My 5yo described these as scrumptious so they're definitely kid approved!

2 6oz cans crab meat, drained
8oz softened cream cheese
Few dashes of soy sauce
Sprinking of garlic salt
1/4 to 1/2 cup green onion
Wonton wraps

1. Preheat oven to 425* and spray baking sheet with oil. Season the cream cheese to your personal taste with garlic salt and soy sauce. Not too salty, but with some flavor.

2. Fold in the crab meat. Place a tablespoon of the mixture in the center of the wonton wrapper,  rub a moistened finger along the edges and fold according to instructions. It doesn't matter how they look. You just want it so the delicious filling won't ooze out.

3. Place onto baking sheet and spray with oil. Bake until golden brown and enjoy! I like mine served with sweet chili sauce on the side.

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