Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day cheaters

Today while browsing the internet I happened upon the Huffington Post website and their article Why Stepmoms Are Ignored was interesting in and of itself. At the bottom of the post though there is a video about women who cheat after Mother's Day. According to the atrocious website Ashely Madison, which helps married people find someone to cheat with, the second highest number of women sign up for their services the day after Mother's Day. It is only shadowed by the number who sign up after Valentine's Day.

In an already rocky relationship where a woman feels her needs aren't being met these two materialistic holidays can push things over the edge enough to lead someone who was already thinking about cheating to go through with it. Maybe these women have recently been cheated on themselves and set an expectation for a good day or they would retaliate. I don't think that a good relationship can be pushed over the edge for something as simple, in the grand scheme of life, as not getting a card on Mother's Day. My boyfriend and I were separated by 1500 miles this past Valentine's Day. I mailed him a box of things for Valentine's Day and didn't get anything in return besides thanks. It didn't lead me onto a website for cheaters and into the arms of another man. Men certainly don't place as much worth on single days as women do and maybe we should all take a cue from them. Especially if it means upholding your morals and not straying because you didn't get the right color roses on Mother's Day.

What do you think about this? Should what you receive on a holiday determine your behavior?

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